news 3.5 MILLION SAA destroyed 84678 UXO removed 26,676kms Routes Cleared


Running for Combat Stress

For over 100 years, Combat Stress has assisted former servicemen and women dealing with issues including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety and depression. Today, the charity provides “specialist treatment and support for veterans from every service and conflict, focusing on those with complex mental health issues.”

Clearing Mabior-Anguei, South Sudan

For over a decade, TDI has conducted clearance activities throughout South Sudan. In early 2020, TDI began clearing contaminated minefields in Mabior-Anguei, north of the country. Numerous incidents relating to unexploded ordnance (UXO) had taken place here, claiming livestock and wounding community members.

Life after Retirement for Tom

Meet Tom, an orange Labrador originally from the United Kingdom who worked for TDI in Mali and then retired with his new family in Zimbabwe in 2018.  Tom struggled to adapt to the loud environment in which he was based in Mali so was retired as a working dog. It was not long before he was on his way to his new forever home.

Meet our Newest Dog Trainer, Marina

Say hello to Marina, one of TDI’s new Kennel Master and Dog Trainers in Mali. Her career working with dogs spans almost thirty years, beginning in 1990. She has worked with dogs in a range of countries including South Africa, Afghanistan and Iraq before joining TDI in Mali in early 2020.

Rehoming our Dogs after Retirement

After their years of service in the field, our detection dogs are eventually retired. They are rehomed where they can enjoy their retirement to the fullest following their dedication to the mine action industry. Charlie and Korado are two detection dogs that retired in early 2020 and were adopted by their TDI colleagues. Follow their journey here about these two dogs who were born in the United Kingdom and have retired in Africa.

A Different Kind of Mine Awareness Day

Every year, TDI take part in events to mark the International Day of Mine Awareness. This year, it was celebrated somewhat differently as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Despite this, our teams were innovative in coming up with solutions to continue raising awareness of landmines and UXO as safely as possible.

Meet Arek: the Woman Aspiring to Make a Difference

We wrap up the month of March by introducing Arek, our EORE Coordinator in South Sudan. Arek has been in the Mine Action industry for 20 years, initially beginning her career as a Community Liaison Officer. Despite facing difficulties when she began working in this industry due to being a woman, she persevered as she takes great pride in helping those affected by landmines and UXO. Read the full article to get a bit more insight on Arek’s role with TDI.

The Medic keeping TDI Safe Against Landmines

Throughout the month of March, we continue to focus on some of the hardworking women of TDI. Meet Betty, the Medic keeping her colleagues in South Sudan safe. Betty joined TDI in 2014 and has established herself as a determined member of her team. Her role has its challenges but she chooses “to remain focused and principled in order to survive among the multitudes of men” in this industry.

Meet our Operations Assistant, Chipo

This month, we celebrated International Women’s Day and in honour of this day, we introduce you to some of the hardworking women of TDI. We start at the TDI headquarters and introduce you to Chipo, a working mother of three girls and our versatile Operations Assistant.

A Pageant to Support the Progress

In recognition of the clearance efforts taking place, TDI was invited to attend the Miss Wau Beauty Pageant. This pageant was held to draw attention to the presence of explosive hazards in this South Sudanese state. While attending the pageant, TDI gave a safety briefing, presented by Ms. Winnie Better Paul.

A Different Kind of Clearance

Meet Magawa, the hardworking rat adopted by TDI Operations Manager, Roshan Christy. Nicknamed HeroRATS, African giant pouched rats are an integral part of mine action operations. These HeroRATS are operational in three different countries, including Cambodia; the world’s second most heavily mined county.

The Central African Republic – Six Years and Counting

For almost six years, TDI has actively been clearing unexploded ordnance in the Central African Republic. In addition to clearance efforts, training and the provision of risk education to local communities is also conducted. Here, we take a brief look at six years of efforts in this heavily mined African country.

UN Day Celebrations in Abyei

UN Day is celebrated annually on 24th October. TDI took part in the celebrations held in Abyei to mark this occasion, delivering risk education sessions to the gathering crowds in Abyei town. Amongst other activites, speeches and tree planting activities marked this 74th founding United Nations Day.

3 Years of Clearance in the DRC

In 2016, TDI were awarded a contract to provide survey and clearance services in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The fluid security situation in the country came with its challenges however, the TDI teams remained dedicated to their tasks whilst continuing to develop their skills. The project was completed in mid-2019.

The Laying of a Legacy

One of the TDI teams in South Sudan found themselves in the spotlight when they were asked to clear an area in Pariang in the midst of construction of an oil field. Community confidence was lost while residents waited in anticipation for TDI to reach the area. Until the area was assessed and cleared, construction of the oil field was halted and the day-to-day routines of the community came to a standstill.

The Struggle for Safety in Bisellia

Safety is often a struggle in many parts of South Sudan. The journey from Wau to Bisellia is no different, This route is known for its threats to security, ambushes and regular bouts of fighting. In order to protect civilian safety and assist the movement of humanitarian support, TDI have been conducting clearance activities along this route since November 2018.

Celebrating Mine Awareness Day 2019

Every year on 4 April, the world celebrates International Day of Mine Awareness and Mine Action with commemorative events. The theme for the events this year was “Safe Ground – Safe Home”. TDI took part in the celebrations held in several counties within South Sudan, continuing to raise awareness of the dangers associated with landmines and UXO.

Meet Arnel, the Versatile Veterinary Technician and Dog Handler

To wrap up a month of focusing on staff from our various field projects, we would like to introduce Arnel. Born and raised in the Philippines, Arnel has worked for TDI since 2017 and has developed himself into two roles since joining the EDD project in South Sudan.

Meet TDI’s Working Women in South Sudan

This week we introduce you to three women who form part of a TDI Multi-task Team in South Sudan. With their own areas of expertise, these hardworking women all play a crucial role in the clearance efforts taking place in the country.

Meet Roshan, TDI Operations Manager

Roshan, a qualified Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator, began his career in humanitarian Mine Action in 2002. He is the current TDI Operations Manager for Sudan and South Sudan, and is responsible for all operations and technical activities on his project.

Meet our Medic, Fatou

This month, we introduce you to various staff from the field. Meet Fatou, the TDI Medic, currently based in the Central African Republic. She joined the Mine Action industry in 2004, initially deployed in her home country. Since then, she has gained work experience in many other African countries.

From Dread to Development in Ariath

From once living in fear, the market county of Ariath is finally experiencing some relief. A once heavily contaminated area, clearance work currently being conducted by TDI Multi-Task Teams is bringing about positive change in the local community. By becoming aware of these objects, along with the clearance efforts, the residents of Ariath can look forward to a safer future.

Steady Progress in the DRC

Since 2016, TDI teams have conducted surveys and clearance efforts in the DRC. Each day unearths a new item of unexploded ordnance and the prevalence of these munitions tragically cost the lives of many civilians each year. Clearance efforts are welcomed to reduce the occurence of accidents associated with these devices.

IED Attack on TDI Compound in Gao, Mali

At approximately 7.30pm on 12th November 2018, the TDI compound in Gao, Mali, was atatcked by a vehicle-borne IED, causing significant damage.

SYLAM and TDI; a Joint Effort in the DRC

In August of this year, TDI began an intensive Mine Risk Education Programme in partnership with SYLAM. Together, they provide valuable risk education to local residents in remote locations across the DRC, along with the removal and destruction of UXO in these areas. This programme is intended to run for 8 months.

Meet the Newest Member of TDI

Here she is and she is more than capable. Meet Jessica; the newest member of TDI overseeing our growing canine division. In an industry typically dominated by men, TDI is challenging this current status quo.

A Project in Pictures

The life cycle of a project is continuous; as one ends, another begins. The presence of unexploded ordnance is an ongoing threat affecting millions of people today and there are still incremental amounts of work that need to be done within the industry of mine action. TDI is committed to reducing the worldwide footprint of landmine and UXO contamination.

Working Dogs That Save Lives

Our personnel are not the only members of TDI’s workforce. While TDI teams are navigating through unpredictable areas contaminated with explosive devices, our dogs are also contributing to the clearance efforts in their own way. For over twelve years, these canine heroes have served TDI, continuing to thwart the threat of explosive hazards.

Hold On Tight!

To celebrate International Peacekeepers Day 2018, TDI took part in a friendly tug of war to mark the occasion. A bit of childhood fun between colleagues was hard to turn down. The event naturally drew a crowd as the teams heaved and pulled and heaved some more! Read more here to see which team was victorious.

Pochalla; a Journey Through a Minefield

Riddled with landmines and explosive remnants of war, Pochalla, South Sudan, is a grave reminder of a country tainted by turmoil and conflict. The ongoing civil war continues to impede everyday life. A TDI team recently made the challenging journey to Pochalla to continue the clearance efforts that have been ongoing in this area for the past 2 years.

TDI celebrates Mine Awareness Day 2018

On April 4th, the world annually marks International Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action Day.  Commemorative events are held to raise awareness of the prevailing threat of landmines, while recognition is attributed to those entities engaged in ridding war-torn countries of these weapons.

UXO Accident Prompts Intensive MRE Sessions in DRC

A tragic UXO incident suddenly became fatal for four local civilians in the South Kivu province of the DRC, prompting TDI Multi Task Teams to conduct intensive Mine Risk Education (MRE) sessions in the area. Chiefs, villagers and children were made aware of the indisputable presence of these deadly weapons, and what precautionary action to take if any are found.

ROV Training Race in Timbuktu

Nothing like a touch of completion to spice up a training session. In the last part of 2017, TDI’s IEDD teams in Timbuktu, Northern Mali organized an ROV operators’ competition with an obstacle course to test operators’ dexterity and ability.   The two operators selected worked under the guidance of TDI’s IEDD Mentors  and were [...]

First Aid Training, Mali

Medical staff are crucial to all of TDI's projects and operations. Medics are responsible for providing first aid and front-line trauma care in the field. However, it is essential the rest of the team also be versed in First Aid procedures in case a medic is either unable to be present or occupied with another casualty.    Our [...]

UXO Find Shocks the Town of Torit, South Sudan

In September 2017, TDI Route Assessment and Clearance Teams received a report of Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) located in the South Sudanese town of Torit, in the South West of the country.   The UXO was exposed by heavy rain on a road between Torit and Kapeota. It is a busy route regularly used by pedestrians, [...]

Mine and Explosive Detection Dog Facts

The fact that canines have a better sense of smell than humans is not new information, but the why is very interesting. When dogs breathe in through their nose, an internal flap separates the incoming air. Part of the air goes in for respiration, while a large part goes to the olfactory (smelling) sensors. They [...]

TDI DRC Removes and Destroys 375kg Aircraft Bomb

TDI Teams in Democratic Republic of Congo recently removed and destroyed an aircraft bomb that was found in a village near Bukavu in South Kivu Province. This was a joint effort from a task group between TDI, UNMAS, FARDC, MONUSCO and representatives of the SKB.   During the initial survey of the area, teams unearthed [...]

Mine Awareness Day 2017 in Pictures

4th of April is the International Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action Day.  In recognition of this auspicious occasion, a number of events took place around the world to celebrate the work being done by various entities to rid the world of landmines and ERW (Explosive Remnants of War). TDI participated in some of the [...]

An Unexpected Find in DRC

Three Multi Task Teams have been operating in DRC since July 2016 performing various tasks including clearing areas of hazardous, unserviceable or obsolete munitions. In December 2016, one of the teams travelled to the town of Rumangabo to gather and destroy stockpiles found in the Virunga National Park, bordering the DRC, Rwanda and Uganda. They were [...]

A Project in Pictures – A Year of Maintenance in Mali

TDI were awarded a contract to provide fleet maintenance for vehicles in northern Mali, one of the toughest theatres in the world. Mobilised in January 2016, now one year on, this is how the project has grown and developed. Many challenges have been faced in the last twelve months by our Mechanical Maintenance teams in [...]

Update from a TDI Multi-Task Team in the DRC

Our three Multi-Task Teams began operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2016 and have been clearing areas of hazardous, unserviceable or obsolete stockpiled munitions since. Working in this industry rarely results in a dull day.   Team Two, based in Goma, DRC, got off to a quick start after mobilisation taking on [...]

Two New Contracts for TDI

The Development Initiative Ltd have recently been awarded two new contracts to add to our existing portfolio.   The first will see us delivering Weapons and Ammunition Management (WAM) Training and support throughout the Central African Republic, and will be integrated into our existing project infrastructure in country. TDI will provide complete training packages dedicated to [...]

Facts and Figures 2016

TDI was established in 2005 to provide a range of professional services to multinational companies, governmental and non-governmental organisations. To date, TDI has successfully undertaken over 65 projects in various countries like DRC, Mali, Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia, Togo, Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Côte d’Ivoire and most recently, Central African Republic.

New Contract Win in DRC for TDI

The Development Initiative have recently been awarded a contract to deploy to familiar territory, namely the Democratic Republic of Congo.   Starting on 1st July 2016, TDI has been tasked with supporting the MONUSCO mission by providing three Multi-Task Teams (MTTs) who will perform a range of services from Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) Clearance, [...]

Anti-Poaching Efforts Aided by Donation

TDI recently donated three detectors to the International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF) to assist with their anti-poaching efforts in the field.   The detectors are being used by anti-poaching rangers for snare sweeps and ballistics recovery from wildlife crime scenes within their areas of operation. TDI conducted a brief training course on the use of the [...]

Mine Awareness Day 2016 – South Sudan

On Monday April 4, 2016, TDI attended an event that was held at Nyakuron Cultural Centre in Juba, the capital of South Sudan, for the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. The event was presented by the United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS), in partnership with the South Sudan National Mine Action [...]

Boy Brings Hand Grenade to TDI Compound Highlighting Ongoing Need for MRE

In December 2015, a curious, uninformed, 13 year old boy brought a hand grenade close to the TDI compound in Abyei, Sudan.  He had kept it for three weeks in a friend’s home unaware of the inherent danger of handling this extremely dangerous item. Thankfully, the team were able to persuade the boy to hand [...]

New Challenging Remote Logistics Support Contract in Mali

TDI were recently awarded a contract to provide fleet maintenance for vehicles in northern Mali, one of the toughest theatres in the world. TDI will provide repairs and maintenance in four key locations in Mali to ensure MINUSMA and UNMAS can continue to deliver their humanitarian support mission in Mali.   The project will see [...]

New Website

In honour of our ten year anniversary, TDI decided on a spring clean! We’ve upgraded our website and design materials to suit the times with a more streamlined and sophisticated look. We’ve added new services to our previous portfolio and the full list encompasses: Landmine and Battle Area Clearance EOD and Consultancy EOD, C-IED and [...]

TDI Employ Hovercraft Technology at New Marine Project for BGP, Kuwait

TDI recently won a new contract with BGP Inc. (China National Petroleum Corporation) in the intertidal zone of the Kuwait bay to conduct a geophysical survey and prepare an anomaly avoidance plan in support of their seismic operations. Geophysical surveying entails the preparation of a detailed geophysical map highlighting and accurately marking the position of [...]

TDI presents at Juba University for GIS Day 2015

TDI’s Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Mapper / Database Manager, Mufaro Masuka, was asked to be a key presenter at Juba University in South Sudan as part of GIS Day 2015 on November 11.   Mufaro showed an informative presentation to over fifty people on the benefits of using Geographical Information Systems for the work that [...]

TDI Expands African Footprint by Winning Two New Counter Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Contracts in support of UNOPS

TDI has expanded its African footprint with awards for two new contracts in support of UNOPS. Both contracts, focused on countering Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), extend the business’ activities in combatting the growing global threat posed by these indiscriminate weapons. Teams training in Ivory Coast     The first contract saw a team of four [...]

TDI Turns 10!

TDI Secures New MPV Training Contract in Mali

TDI recently secured a new training project in support of MUNISMA in Mali for the provision of three expert, international Mine Protected Vehicle Driver/Mechanic instructors to train Nepalese and Cambodian MPV drivers. Both from Troop Contributing Countries, the peacekeepers will be trained in Gao and Kidal from March 2015 for three months.

Contaminated Routes Cleared by TDI in South Sudan

Developments in Bentiu State late last year resulted in the closure of many routes due to the possible relaying of Anti-Tank mines. The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) awarded TDI a contract to conduct emergency route verification and clearance tasks (ERVCT) as and when required to allow for safe passage of UN and other [...]

TDI Goes Solar!

TDI recently installed a solar power system at our Operations HQ in Harare.  The system consists of 1800watts of solar panels, 800amp/hours of battery storage, a solar converter and a 7.5kw inverter.   This is in response to the irregular power supply as well as part of our commitment to sustainable operations. We continue to [...]

Update on Projects in Kuwait

Following the cessation of hostilities with Iraq, the Kuwait Ministry of Defence conducted a state wide EOD clearance programme between 1991 and 1993 which was followed by further QA/QC operations. Despite these efforts, in many areas items of UXO remain.   On March 8th 2015, a travelling Bedouin man picked up a suspected BLU 63 [...]

TDI and Optima Group Continue to Tackle IED Threat in Mali

Ongoing armed conflict in Mali since 2012 has created a variety of unwanted problems, with one of the most critical being weapon and explosive contamination. This has proved challenging for stabilisation efforts generally, as well as posing specific threats to the civilian population within communities affected by loss of life and injury. The contamination also [...]

Contract win in South Sudan

Kick starting 2015 with UN contract win for landmine clearance in South Sudan   • TDI to support United Nations Mine Action Services (UNMAS) in Juba, South Sudan • TDI completes UN contract in Mali providing 2,803 troops with First Aid training • Mali and South Sudan contracts continue TDI’s long-standing relationship with the UN [...]

Mali 2014

TDI in Mali –  2014 Highlights – Infographic

C-IED Awareness in Mali

In January 2012 an armed conflict broke out in northern Mali, which Tuareg rebels took control by April and declared the secession of a new state, Azawad. The conflict was complicated by a military coup that took place in March and later fighting between Tuareg and Islamist rebels. In response to Islamist terrorist gains the [...]

2 x Integrated Clearance Capacities mobilising under UNISFA

TDI mobilised 2x Integrated Clearance Teams (ICT) in support of the United Nations Interim Security Force Abyei (UNISFA) and the Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mission JBVMM in September this year.   The teams will be required to undertake Non-technical and Technical Survey, Mine Clearance, Battle Area Clearance, Explosive Ordnance Disposal up to L3 and […]

Three new projects underway in South Sudan

4x Multi Task Teams now mobilised in South Sudan   TDI deployed a comprehensive mixed capability multi-task capacity into South Sudan to conduct survey and clearance tasks. The capacity is capable of undertakingGMAA & Technical Survey, Land Release, Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Stockpile destruction, Battle Area Clearance (BAC), Minefield Clearance and Community Liaison with Mine […]

4 Multi Task Teams (MTT) to continue work in South Sudan

For the 2014-2015 demining period TDI will deploy 4 Multi Task Teams with a comprehensive mixed capability to conduct survey and clearance tasks to conduct EOD, BAC and Manual Clearance, along with Community Liaison and Risk Education as per UNOPS/UMAS requirements.   TDI currently has two multi-task contracts in South Sudan, one of which demobilised […]

Work in Mali a success

TDI are currently engaged on a project with UNMAS supporting their mine action efforts in Gao and Timbuktu. An Operations Centre has been established in Gao with the Project HQ being located in Bamako.TDI’s contract was recently expanded by an additional two teams in order to deal with a large volume of SA3 Missiles.   […]

Somalia project closes

TDI wins work in Kuwait

TDI recently won a contract working with Western Geco in Kuwait providing a UXO search capacity capable of locating UXO and any other explosive hazardous material which may hinder or compromise the safety of WesternGeco’s seismic survey operations as they traverse the area.   During the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait from August 1990 through until […]

TDI makes it to remote village using small raft

For the last 4-5 months TDI has been trying to get to the heavily contaminated village of Boholgaras, 40kms east of Dollow in South Central Somalia. Operations have not been possible because the 160km drive through Luuq meant there was no viable CASEVAC plan. This route was also subject to ambushes laid by Al Shabaab [...]

TDI delivers training courses in Sudan

In July 2011, ownership of the Sudan Mine Action Programme was passed to the National Mine Action Centre. Much attention was given to developing managerial and technical capacities within the National Demining Units by training team leaders, supervisory staff and EOD operators.   As part of this ongoing commitment, TDI was asked to conduct a [...]

Paying for UXO?

In Somalia, TDI is trying to deal with the expectation of payment for information relating to DAs and UXO. TDI believes that items of UXO are gathered by the local community and hoarded in the belief that they will receive payment for giving them to TDI or other mine action organisations.   TDI has been [...]

TDI steams ahead in South Sudan

Stand-out stats for this season. TDI destroyed 68% of all UXO destroyed in South Sudan. (Source: INSMA Report).   Special mention must be made of the Khor William site where one of the teams cleared 80 tonnes of scrap metal interspersed with sub munitions and other UXO. The area is densely populated and TDI worked [...]

Teams deploy to Mali

Recent and on-going armed conflict in Mali has created a problem of weapon and explosive contamination which is impacting on the civilian population and stabilization efforts.   Explosive Remnants of War (ERW), Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and landmines are adversely affecting livelihoods, freedom of movement and economic recovery, as well as the safe deployment of [...]

Route verification rollers

Earlier this year, TDI fabricated a Route Verification Mine Roller System (RVMRS) based on a design developed in the early 1980s by the Zimbabwe Corp of Engineers to conduct route verification in Abyei.   The RVMRS is capable of intrusively verifying routes to establish that there is no evidence of mines. It is not a [...]

Making progress in South Central Somalia as operations expand to new provinces…

TDI has recruited, trained and deployed 4 x Manual Clearance Teams, 4 x Mine Risk Education teams and 4 x Explosive Ordinance Disposal teams into South Central Somalia by UNOPS.   As the first commercial de-mining company to go into South Central Somalia and, specifically, Gedo Province, TDI was pleased to take up the challenge. [...]

Tragedy in Somalia

One of our teams, returning to Dollow from Luuq, was stopped by residents of Gedwein village and informed that a young girl aged about 9 or 10 had been injured by a grenade. TDI’s Medic, Timothy Bururu, stabilised the girl and took her to Dollow WHO Hospital. She was then taken to Mandera District Hospital [...]

Darfur project up and running

TDI operations are under way in Darfur with three Multi-Tasking Teams undertaking General Mine Action Assistance, Route Assessments and Spot Explosive Ordinance Disposal Tasks All regions in Darfur are currently operating at Level 4 Security as TDI faces continued security concerns. However, overall productivity has been good. The primary limitations imposed on the MTTs’ deployments [...]

Three new projects begin

The United Nations Interim Security Force (UNISFA) was established in June 2011 by UN Security Council Resolution 1990 (SCR) to provide security within the disputed region of Abyei, Sudan, pending a referendum which would decide the final status of the area.   This was further expanded to include the provision of support to the Joint [...]


The Guardian – February 2016

From landmines to improvised bombs, weapons impair development   Unexploded devices that injure civilians in conflict and post-conflict zones are a barrier to a better future. That’s why demining work is essential. After the guns fall silent and the bombs stop falling, war has a nasty way of indiscriminately rearing its head and inflicting yet [...]

Mining Elites in Africa – October 2015

Today, there are over 100 million laid and active landmines globally - and that’s not mentioning millions of tonnes of other unexploded ordnance (UXO), such as rockets and improvised explosive devices (IEDs). Of course, as a result of ongoing and historical conflict many of these mines and other ERW are located in areas where natural [...]

Devex – September 2015

Clearing the Way for Development by Clearing Landmines   When a conflict ends and the visible threats move out, it is often assumed all potential danger has moved on too. No longer are there groups of rebels or military fighting it out in the open or sounds of gunfire and explosions. All is calm. Or [...]

Oil Review Middle East – October 2015

6 Risk Mitigation Measures for Potential Explosive Remnants of War Contamination   The resource curse is a well-documented conundrum. Too many countries with an abundance of natural resources paradoxically experience lacklustre economic growth and poor social development, whilst many are plagued by ongoing conflict and the persistent legacy of war. One of the untold, but [...]

City AM – June 2015

There are 110 million unexploded mines in the world today, and that's the number under the ground - it doesn't include those being stored, transported or created. "The saddest thing about Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Libya is that this is destruction on repeat" says Hugh Morris, founder and MD of landmine clearance company The Development Initiative [...]

African Review – June 2015

As Managing Director at The Development Initiative (TDI), Hugh Morris oversees a unique and expansive operation, providing services to humanitarian and developmental projects. The company works, also, with private sector enterprises to prepare the way for critical infrastructure projects - such as in the oil and gas sector, clearing the ground of explosive remnants of [...]

Devex – April 2015

Soon after the conflict between the Albanians and the Serbs ended in 1999, a group of Albanian women started clearing land mines in Kosovo under a project by the Norwegian People’s Aid. For five weeks, the women attended training, where they were allowed to have their children with them. They also received a monthly salary [...]

The Daily Telegraph – November 2014

Meet the British company clearing up the minefields of the world   Some 2,000 people are injured or killed by landmines each month. Meet the British company clearing up the minefields of the world Landmines are a cruel reality of war. Long after the soldiers have gone home, these silent killers lie in wait to [...]

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Slide “TDI has provided a professional and high level of clearance support and accompanying project management. We would recommend them to any future contractor.” Kenan Ozpulat, General Manager, Ant Insaat Sanayi Tic Ltd, 23 February 2011 Slide “Exceeded all my expectations on this work, the professionalism and standard of the work process was exceptional... TDI played a big part in keeping my schedule on track.” Jack Currie, Task Order Manager, Louis Berger/ Black and Veath JV,2008 Slide “I have found TDI to be very thorough and professional in carrying out their demining activities and I have no hesitation in recommending their services to prospective clients.” Dave Little, Chief of Party, Louis Berger Group, Feb 2010 Slide “TDI continues to adapt to the changing requirements of the operational environment and we would have no reservations on recommending them for inclusion in further projects in challenging conditions.“ James Jost, Executive VP – Operations, Terra Seis Geophysical Limited, 20 August 2006 Slide “TDI have conducted all operations with professionalism, enthusiasm and initiative. They have kept production going during extreme weather, when other subcontractors have not been able to maintain their operations.” Phillip Ward, CEO, White Nile Ltd, July 2007 Slide “The work completed to date has been to a standard exceeding expectations of WesternGeco.” Gerrit Schol, WJO Project & Operations Manager, WesternGeco, Kuwait 2015 Slide “(TDI) have conducted themselves in a professional and dedicated manner in all interaction with the Sudanese authorities and local population. In addition to this they have worked closely with the National Mine Action Centre when required and cooperated fully with all our partners in Darfur for which we are very grateful.” Col. A.A Amir, General Director, NMAC, Sudan, 2015 Slide “I am indebted to TDI for the intense and comprehensive training of Sibro’s National EOD Operators and the continuing mentorship of these teams…It is my fervent hope that TDI should continue its good work” A.Y. Mubarak, Director General, Sibro Organisation for Development, Sudan, 2014 Slide “We can certify that the professional relationship established early last year has yielded success in implementing a complex project and delivering the expected results. We value TDI as a reliable partner and are extremely satisfied with the cooperation to date.” Philipp v. Michaelis, Director Sales, MineWolf Systems AG, Sudan, 2011 Slide They have provided a professional and high level of clearance support as well as project management throughout the contract period. We would recommend them to any future contractor.” Gokhan Gul, Member of the Board, Gulsan Group of Companies, South Sudan, 2011